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Will You Be The Next 7-Figure Entrepreneur To Work With Me?

  • Since working with you my fiancé and I doubled our income and will hit the 7-figure mark at the end of the year. We’re working fewer hours and not wasting time on the small stuff. And since getting the online coaching we’ve started traveling more than ever. More important, my fiancé and I have non-negotiable date nights every Thursday and Craig has helped me make time to coach my son’s hockey team every week.

    Joe Arko
    Top Fitness Business Coach
  • The Perfect Life Workshop was a game changer… and I’ve been working on myself and my structure for a decade. One breakthrough I got from this day is going to be worth $750K in new income over the next 12 months. I don’t know of any other ONE thing that can give a person so much focus, clarity, and structure to live a perfect life and have a perfect business. Do whatever you have to in order to make it out to Craig’s next event!

    Bedros Keuilian
    Founder, FitBodyBootcamp.com
    Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise in America
  • I was a struggling trainer—I was so dependent on me working so many hours in order to make money. I knew there had to be another way. And now 2 million people have gone through my program, and I have control over my life. I live where I want to live, on a lake where I homeschool my kids. My husband no longer has to work 12-hour days at a finance job because now he’s home. That for me is the biggest breakthrough.

    Isabel De Los Rios
    Founder, Beyond Diet
  • I started getting results as soon as I started working with Craig. I doubled my monthly income in 3 months. Now I’m on pace to do a million in revenue in the first quarter of 2019—all while working 15 fewer hours per week and traveling the world with my wife. Thank you, Craig, for transforming my business, my relationship with my wife (I tripled the date nights) and my life.

    Frank Den Blanken
    7-Figure Online Nutrition Coach, The Netherlands
  • Craig helped me grow my business and showed me how to make money on social (I am up to nearly $1,000 per day). He also helped me navigate through some tough times in my personal life. His online coaching has been priceless.

    Rob Hanly
    Business Consultant, International Man of Mystery
  • Thanks to Craig and his program, I am making more money than ever (over $12K per month) – but more importantly, I also have more time than ever and am able to have dinner with my family every night. Plus, I’m working 10 fewer hours per week, and my wife and I have been having at least one date night every week!

    Ron Mourra
    Online Coach and Former Struggling Personal Trainer
  • Craig’s coaching has transformed every aspect of my life. By distilling down my daily activities and directing my focus and energy to the areas that are responsible for massive growth, we have been able to 10X our business growth in under 6 months. My team has grown from 4 to 15 and we are expanding daily. Working with Craig has provided the focus and direction to live the life I have always dreamed of and to grow beyond what I ever thought possible.

    Todd Lamb
    8-Figure Entrepreneur

Ready To Reinvent Your Business And Your Life? I Can Help.

Hi, I’m Craig Ballantyne, the author of The Perfect Day Formula, and the new Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Unstoppable. I’m a high-paid coach, the creator of The Perfect Life Workshop (delivered worldwide) and two exclusive annual events, the founder of a multiple 7-figure fitness Empire, and more.

My raw, no-nonsense coaching style and actionable strategies have empowered clients like Joe Polish, Shanda Sumpter, Sharran Srivatsaa, Joel Marion, Jason Capital, and Bedros Keuilian to build the lives of their dreams… making “Empire Money” while working far less than the average business owner.

The people who work with me are driven. Relentless. And, often, gifted with more potential than they realize.

If that sounds like what you’d like to become then I invite you to explore working with me. I can confidently say that my methods will not only CHANGE your life… They’ll completely TRANSFORM IT. You’ll increase your impact, your influence, AND income… and finally achieve your version of work-life balance.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting… I’ve coached clients to successfully build 6-figure incomes, 7-figure businesses, and 8-figure Empires, to write best-selling books, and to take back control of their lives so they can spend time with their families.

If you’re ready to do the same, then stop settling and step up to the plate—so you can finally achieve your dreams. Click to learn how I can help you create your perfect life.


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More About Craig Ballantyne

Craig has written five books, including “The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life,” which has sold over 35,000 copies.

His latest book, the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Unstoppable: How to Get Through Hell, Overcome Anxiety, and Dominate in Business and Life,” has sold more than 15,000 copies in its first 6 months of publication.

Craig’s videos have been watched over 13 million times on YouTube.

His advice on becoming a high-performer in life and business has been featured in Men’s Health, GQ, and National Geographic magazines, as well as on Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Money.com and Forbes.com, and on television programs throughout North America, Australia, and Russia.

Some of My Greatest Mentors Have Been Dogs

In 2019 I adopted a yellow lab puppy I named Daisy.

And since the first day she came into my life, she’s taught me so much.

For example, she does whatever it takes to get my attention and get what she wants. That reminds me that those who succeed know what they want—and always work towards it.

Think for a second about when a dog is happiest. Daisy loves waking up at the same time, eating at the same time, walking at the same time, and playing at the same time every day. She loves routine—which is definitely something we can draw from in our chaotic lives.

But as much as she has to teach me, Daisy wasn’t the first canine to make an impact on my life.

My first pup, Bally the Dog, is gone now. But he was no less wise—and he also had much to teach.

In fact, he left a surprise for you in the last chapter of my new book, Unstoppable.



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